Optimizing Service Delivery

The Platform Engineering team of a telecom client trusted us to enhance their container-as-a-service offering used by more than 20 tenants. Most of their customers were happy with the quality of service they received, but this was not the case for the time taken to resolve their issues.

Before engaging us, several tactics were used:

  1. Priority Classification: an "inner circle" of tenants was established, with the expectation that engineers would address their requests with heightened urgency due to their privileged status
  2. Streamlined Communication: a new communication channel was established to ensure tenants connected with the right individuals from the outset. Engineers were asked to redirect tenants to a dedicated team consisting of Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and a Service Lifecycle Manager
  3. Process Refinement: robust processes were established to guide tenants when they need support from the platform team, employing the classic approach of raising a ticket for every task

The Problem

Despite these proactive measures, over 1,200 unresolved work items were unresolved when we conducted our initial assessment. Shockingly, some of these issues had been lingering for as long as 33 months. The average age of these unresolved items reached a staggering 135 days.

The Solution

In the face of this daunting challenge, we decided on a multi-faceted approach to regain control:

The Result

In just three months, the Platform Engineering Team achieved remarkable results. The average cycle time was slashed by 35%, bringing down from 135 days to 87 days. Within the subsequent couple of months, they further improved this figure to a staggering 73% of the original, reducing it to a mere 36 days. The average backlog size plummeted from over 1,200 work items to fewer than 300.

This success story stands as a testament to the team's dedication and adaptability in the pursuit of optimizing service delivery, ultimately leading to more satisfied tenants and a more efficient operation.

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