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Optimizing Service Delivery

Optimizing Service Delivery

A Platform Engineering team of a telecom client was looking for ways to reduce time taken to resolve issues raised by their customers.

Find out how we went from 1,200 unresolved work items to under 300, reducing the average age of unresolved items from 135 days to 36 (a 73% reduction) using a powerful combination of changes, resulting in a much more efficient operation.

Video Demo

Strengthening Stakeholder Relationships and Boosting Team Motivation with Video Demos

Engaged with a backend implementation project for an automotive client, the 2 week sprint cycles were concluded by the "show and tell" sessions. This was the opportunity for the team to showcase accomplishments to a diverse audience of stakeholders.

Find out what happened, when we learnt just days before a crucial demo, that a core system,on which numerous components relied, was scheduled to be offline during our presentation. Clearly, live demonstration was no longer an option.

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