Helping you deliver agile software projects.

Supver offers professional consultancy services for Software Product Management and Agile Delivery Management. Our expertise spans across industries such as automotive, transport, hospitality, telecom and insurance, where we have successfully delivered innovative solutions for areas such as connected mobility, e-commerce, revenue management and insurance policy management. Our approach involves utilizing a blend of dual-track agile, scrum, and kanban methodologies to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client and deliver exceptional digital products.

What do we do?

Product Management

Software Product Management

Our consultants are helping you to solve business problems and create digital products your customers love.

  • Focus on delivering value to customers and ensuring the business viability of your product
  • Apply design thinking to ideate, innovate, and prototype solutions that meet the unique needs of your customers
  • By analyzing both qualitative and quantitative feedback, we identify new ideas, resolve pain points, and improve upon existing features
  • Create comprehensive roadmaps that outline the product's journey from development to launch
  • Our outcome-based approach allows us to set clear goals and track progress through key metrics
Agile Software Delivery

Agile Software Delivery Management

Empowering teams to work together towards a common goal, delivering high-quality software, using iterative approach to work quickly and efficiently

  • Setup software delivery teams and processes
  • Drive and track software delivery with modern agile practices
  • Identify and manage project dependencies and risks
  • Optimize project resources and budget
  • Facilitate engaging product demonstrations
Certified Scrum Product Owner Certified Scrum Master Certified LeSS Practitioner

How can we help you today?

We helped

trainline Thomson Reuters Ryanair Affinitext
Aegon epam GTA
Toyota Connected Europe Michelin

What our clients say about us

Janos was very organised and professional in delivering outcomes. Worked through many tough deadlines with cross functional teams. Delivered a complex project on time. Nasir Ghulam, VP of Engineering @ Toyota Connected Europe

Janos led an organisationally and technically complex delivery with professionalism throughout. He was organised, communicative, and handled a wide array of responsibilities well. Julius Syvanen, Principal Architect - Data @ Toyota Connected Europe

You know you can rely on him 100%. Janos is highly knowledgeable and pretty methodic on his discoveries. When you need to dig into a topic, you can be sure Janos is the best guy that can sort out a detailed analysis.

Janos is basically the person I know with the best insights about agile methodologies. He is curios on trying new ways to make the team agile and thanks to him the entire team has benefited on many improvements on the way how we were managing our backlogs, our rituals and our deliveries.

The best improvement is when we needed to scale up from one scrum team to many scrum teams syncing deliveries. With the help of his experience and his understanding of the needs of the team, we have created an end to end workflow to orchestrate collecting of requirements to definition of done.
Marco Lanaro, Development Manager @ trainline

I had a chance to work with Janos on a couple of projects with Toyota Connected Europe and he is a great professional with clear thoughts and ideas. He can wear multiple hats and is very knowledgeable and skilled. He can manage projects as a BA or a project mananger to even run them effectively as a scrum master. His 'can do' attitude and clear consise communication added to this friendly nature makes him an asset to any team he works with. Woud love to work with him again in future! Mihir Mehta, Senior Software Engineer in Test @ Toyota Connected Europe

Janos is a very positive and conscientious person who can work hard even in challanging situations. He can manage teams and he is well manageble team player. Zoltan Veress, Operational IT Manager @ AEGON

How can we help you today?