Helping you deliver agile software projects.

Supver is providing Business Analysis and Agile Software Delivery Execution consultancy services for its clients. We have helped clients across automotive, transport, hospitality and insurance industries. Working with them applying dual-track agile, scrum, kanban methodologies in a pragmatic way to deliver bespoke software development projects.

What do we do?

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

All these activities will help decision makers to do a better job and identify issues earlier, making it more likely that the project will succeed.

  • Identify stakeholders, gather information
  • Map processes
  • Competitor, gap and SWOT analysis
  • Develop roadmaps
  • Discover or reverse engineer, then document both 'as is' and 'to be' features, processes and non-functional requirements
  • Find and solve edge case scenarios
  • Evaluate alternative solutions, facilitate and challenge estimates and plan delivery
  • Bridge the communication gap between product and engineering
  • Monitor and measure delivery performance, and suggest improvements
  • Forecast completion and resource needs
  • Create wireframes and prototoypes to test ideas
  • Review qualitative and quantitative feedback to find new ideas, issues and customer pain to resolve
Agile Software Delivery

Agile Software Delivery Execution

The stuff we can take care of to make the ride smoother for all parties involved.

  • Structure teams, processes and ceremonies based on modern methodologies such as dual-track agile, scrum, kanban or LeSS
  • Based on the scope, design and relevant information prepare epics, detailed user stories and development tasks using Test Driven Development or Behaviour Driven Development approach
  • Drive delivery, prioritize the backlog items
  • Manage dependencies
  • Guide engineers throughout delivery to be, and remain clear on why and what needs to be delivered
  • Work closely with engineers developing and assessing the alternative technical solutions from business perspective
  • Remove blockers
  • Work with QAs to plan and execute acceptance testing, determine and meet definition of done
  • Plan & execute production roll-out strategies
Certified Scrum Product Owner Certified Scrum Master Certified LeSS Practitioner

How can we help you today?

We helped

trainline Thomson Reuters Ryanair Affinitext
Aegon epam GTA
Toyota Connected Europe Michelin

What our clients say about us

You know you can rely on him 100%. Janos is highly knowledgeable and pretty methodic on his discoveries. When you need to dig into a topic, you can be sure Janos is the best guy that can sort out a detailed analysis.

Janos is basically the person I know with the best insights about agile methodologies. He is curios on trying new ways to make the team agile and thanks to him the entire team has benefited on many improvements on the way how we were managing our backlogs, our rituals and our deliveries.

The best improvement is when we needed to scale up from one scrum team to many scrum teams syncing deliveries. With the help of his experience and his understanding of the needs of the team, we have created an end to end workflow to orchestrate collecting of requirements to definition of done.
Marco Lanaro, Development Manager @ trainline

Janos is an excellent BA. He has a detailed understanding of a complex system and uses that very well to work with me on practical solutions and with the IT team to manage delivery. Mike Horgan, Product Owner @ GTA

Janos is an invaluable asset to any project he participates in not just due his versatile experience in numerous projects as Senior Business Analyst or great communication skills, but also because of his dedication, flexibility, his ability to act in different roles and very kind personality. Janos Facsko, Software Engineering Manager @ EPAM

Janos is a very positive and conscientious person who can work hard even in challanging situations. He can manage teams and he is well manageble team player. Zoltan Veress, Operational IT Manager @ AEGON

How can we help you today?